Christmas Range

dd christmas menu

Our Christmas menu is here!

We always have lots of special offers on the go and lots of new delicious food to tempt you with.

This is just a taster for what we have to tempt you with for Christmas.

Please do ask one of our team for more details.

cod bites

Salted Cod Bites

Inspired by a traditional Spanish dish, our bites are packed full of Cod, crushed potato, seasoned, then with garlic, lemon and rolled on Panko.

Christmas Canape Selection

A selection pack of canapes, three recipes: 1 Salmon in Butter sauce and 2 Prawn Kiev and 3 Tuna and Cheddar. All presented in a light puff pastry case.

garlic king prawn

Garlic King Prawns

Large Tropical Prawns in rich garlic butter and herb sauce. Pan fry or microwave.

Coquille St Jacques

Coquille St Jacques

Queen Scallops, Prawns and Atlantic Haddock in a creamy white wine sauce with onion and mushrooms. Served in a large natural Scallop Shell. Finished with hand piped potato, parmesan and a dusting of paprika. Simply oven or microwave from frozen.

Breaded Chicken Goujons

Chicken fillet goujons (fully cooked), no skin, bone or gristle, in a crunchy breadcrumb. Perfect for starters and buffets.

sausage roll

Farmhouse Sausage Rolls

Lots of lean Red Tractor accredited pork in a handmade pastry. For buffets cut them into 3 or 4 – so over 50 portions.

DD Turkey Tournedos

Turkey Tournedos

British prime turkey medallion topped with sage & onion stuffing all wrapped in rashers of bacon.

Turkey Cranberry & Brie Wellington

Turkey Cranberry & Brie Wellington

Prime turkey breast portion filled with cranberry jelly and Brie cheese, with a stuffing of Leek, Sage and Onion, all enclosed in puff pastry.

turkey roulade

Turkey Roulade

A prime turkey breast portion filled with a cranberry stuffing and wrapped in streaky bacon. Simply oven from frozen.

steak and guinness

Steak & Guinness Purse

Prime naturally grass reared beef steak in a rich Guinness gravy all enclosed in a handmade puff pastry purse and finished with parsley, paprika and egg wash.

sherwood pork

Pork & Chicken Combo Pack

FARMHOUSE CHICKEN: A whole breast of British chicken wrapped in bacon and filled with a sauce of cream cheese, cheddar and spring onions.
SHERWOOD PORK: British Red Tractor Pork tenderloin, stuffed with a farmhouse Sage & Onion stuffing, all wrapped in a prime back Bacon and garnished with a Bay leaf.

garlic chicken

Garlic Chicken en Croute

Prime Chicken breast filled with a rich garlic sauce, all wrapped in light puff pastry. Simply oven from frozen.

chicken wild mushroom

Chicken & Wild Mushroom en Croute

Chicken with cream, red wine and wild mushrooms, garnish with mushroom slices with French herbs.

Cranberry Chicken

A prime chicken breast portion filled with a cranberry stuffing and wrapped in streaky bacon, garnish with thyme and fresh lemon.


Christmas Hamper

A Christmas Hamper full of your favourite meats. Hamper includes: Beef Topside, Pork & Crackling Joint, Turkey Crown and a pack of Chipolata Sausages.

salmon parcel

Salmon, Spinach & Cream Cheese Parcel

Atlantic Salmon rolled around a spinach and cream cheese filling then topped with grated Parmesan and parsley.

Lemon & Tarragon Salmon

Crusted Salmon Side With Tarragon

A side of Atlantic Salmon topped with a lemon and tarragon crust finished with lemon slices. Roast from frozen. Serves: 3-5.


Salmon & Spinach Wellington

Prime skinless and boned Salmon in a rich butter, spinach and prawn sauce wrapped in a puff pastry purse finished with chopped parsley.

salmon tart

Salmon Tart

Pieces of Atlantic Salmon Fillet with a mix of seasoned vegetables presented on a puff pastry base finished with Dill and Lemon.

en papilotte

Salmon en Papilotte

xFillet of Atlantic Salmon with Courgettes, Peppers and Onions, with a Lemon slice and butter pat. All wrapped en papilotte.

sticky maple salmon

Sticky Maple Salmon in Bacon

Fillet of Atlantic Salmon with a glaze of sticky maple, all circled in bacon and presented with a bamboo skewer.

lobster thermidor

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster with skinless and boned Cod in a rich and creamy white wine, cheese, mustard and garlic sauce, wrapped in a light puff pastry and topped with a lemon slice and dill.

rolled haddock

Rolled Haddock

A skinless and boned fillet of Haddock rolled around a stuffing of bacon,
onion, garlic and celery, finished with butter, Parmesan and paprika and skewer.

King Prawn Wellington

Handmade puff pastry filled with large Tropical Prawns in a spicy sweey Chilli and Red Pepper sauce.

Calabrian en Croute

A combination of goats cheese, olives and spinach, finished with crumbled goats cheese and olives, all enclosed in puff pastry. Roast from frozen.

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