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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

We’ve captured here your FAQ, those questions you frequently ask us when you first become a customer…

Q) How often do you deliver?
A) We deliver every 8 weeks

Q) How fresh is your fish?
A) The fish we deliver is bought the morning of delivery from Grimsby Fish Market and brought to you the same afternoon or evening.

Q) What time do you deliver?
A) We deliver in most areas between the hours of 2 – 7pm.

Q) What will a kilo of fish give me?
A) From a kilo of fish you should be able to get 4 -5 individual meals from it.

Q) How do I place my order?
A) A member of our highly trained Telesales Department will telephone you a week before delivery date to take your order and inform you of all the special offers and new products we have. Our Telesales department is open between 9am – 7pm Monday to Wednesday, 9am – 5pm Thursday and 9am – 1pm Friday.

Q) Do you only sell fish?
A) Fresh fish is what we are famous for but we also offer a range of quality made, prepared fish products such as goujons, fishcakes, breaded haddock, salmon Wellingtons and much more.  Alongside of these products we also offer an exclusive range of hand made meat products that are prepared for us by a Lincolnshire Farm Shop eg: Chicken Wellingtons, all these products can be found on our Web Site.

Q) Is there a minimum order?
A) A Minimum order is either 2kg of fresh fish or £20.00 in sterling. This over the 8 week period equates to £2.50 per week.

Q) If I order fresh fish do I have to have 2 – 3kg of the same fish?
A) No, obviously people like variety so in a 2 -3 box of fish you can have 2 – 3 different types of your favourite fish.

Q) How is the fish delivered?
A) Fresh fish such as cod, haddock, plaice, salmon etc will be filleted and packed in a box covered in ice.  This will need to be separated and bagged for the freezer when delivered.  Smoked fish is traditionally prepared in a smoke house and wrapped in paper.  This too will have to be separated and bagged.  All our fish is delivered to your door in one of our modern refrigerated vans.

Q) Do you offer products that may get children eating more fish?
A) Yes, a lot of our existing customers not only get fresh fish for themselves but choose certain products that their children enjoy.  The two most popular children’s products are Jumbo Fish Fingers, these are a prime Pollock fillet in a crispy oven bake breadcrumb and our breaded cod loins which are a juicy cod loin portion skinned and boned in a natural breadcrumb.  There are also a number of other relevant products we sell.

Q) Can I buy extra products off the van on the delivery day?
A) No, unfortunately, we only carry what our customers have ordered.  This cuts down on waste and cost, keeping our prices competitive, so do make sure when our telesales operator calls you, you ask for everything you need for the 9 week period.

Q) When do you need my order?
A) We can process your order right up to 7pm the evening before delivery as we don’t buy anything until the delivery date.

Q) If for any reason I get called away on the delivery date and need my order delivering elsewhere, what can I do?
A) You can call us on 01472 502679 between the hours of 9am – 7pm Monday – Wednesday, 9am to 5pm Thursday and 9am – 1pm Friday and speak with a customer care advisor that will be happy to help you.

Q) How do I pay for my order?
A) You can either give debit / credit card details at the time of placing your order, although this will not be processed until the day after your delivery or you can give cash or cheque to the delivery driver, once your fish has been delivered. As our rounds are quite large, approx 50 – 80 people to deliver to, it is always most appreciated if customers can have the correct payment ready when the driver calls on you.  This helps ensure all customers receive the best quality of our service.

Q) How much does it cost for delivery?
A) There is no delivery charge, just the price of your products.

If there is anything else that we can help you with then contact us on 01472 502679 or email